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Brewed my first IPA.  Missed the SG by a bunch.  I am use to about 60 percent efficiency  but the last two batches have been over 70 percent.  I am not totally sure why, bu the sparges have been slower, so I think that is the main reason.  I used my new grain crusher for the first time on this batch also.




I noticed the hops are starting to come up.  The company I buy my used kegs is usually good about having them sparkle clean. One of the kegs had a thick film of goop with fuzz on it.  It is soaking in B-Brite.  I turned the Meuse Belgian Pale Ale up to 74 degrees today.  The fermentation is really starting to slow down.  The new freezer has been turned on and set to 34 degrees.  The first keg in is the cola I made yesterday.




Cleaned a couple of kegs and made sure the pressure on the cola was right.  The Meuse Belgian Pale Ale is at 71 degrees and chugging away.



I kegged 4 gallons of cola this evening.  There is now enough treated water for the next brewing session.  I filter the tap water and then in ten gallons I add one camden tablet.  The mess from the blow out is mostly cleaned up.  One the fermentor is out of the chamber I will do a much better job.



The Meuse Belgian Pale Ale has burped through the bubbler.  Not a bad mess as messes go, but a mess none the less.




The Meuse Belgian Pale Ale is coming along nicely.  The head is very fine, white with a touch of greenish-brown.  The new freezer to store kegs is moved in and ready to go.




Brewing a Belgian Pale Ale today.



Picked up some supplies at Point Brewing Supplies and a new freezer to keep my kegs cool at LOwes.



Th Sweat Potato Lager has stablized on the fermentation.  About a bubble a minute going through the air lock.  The pellicle on the Berliner Weiss is covering more surface area and getting thicker in places.  The question is the beer has been on the bed of yeast for almost 10 weeks now, when should I rack to a keg?




The Sweat Potato Lager is definitely fermenting at a slower pace today.  It shouldn't be too much longer before I start the lager process.





Bottle washing day.  Looks like 67 bottles by the end of the day.  About a case had labels on them.  The Sweat Potato Lager fermentation is really slowing down.  The pelicle on the Berliner Weiss is noticeably bigger today.

The Sweet Potato Lager  -




























The sweet potato lager's krausen head is falling nicely.  I set the temperature up to 53 degrees.

The Kolsch is resting comfortably (lagering) at 33 degrees.